The music department wants you!

The music department is eager for the upcoming year and is urging students to join. “I would encourage kids to join if they enjoy singing,” stated choir teacher Stanley Moody. He also indicated that Choir is a place where you can use your voice to make something more than just yourself by having multiple people come together and create something bigger as a whole. The Choir has many events throughout the year, such as concerts, musicals, collaborations with bands and theaters, traveling around, and competitions, which is good for students looking for an active and heavily involved organization to be a part of. For those students who are interested, it takes a lot of commitment and expectation. “I expect the new students to come with an open mind and be ready to do things they wouldn’t expect to do in a choir class. As long as students come in with an open mind and are ready to put forth 100%, they’ll be ready to go,” stated Moody.

If Choir isn’t your style, Veterans also offers Orchestra and Mariachi.

 Instructor Amy Rabago hosts many classes from all levels and is currently looking to expand the variation further next year. Rabgo is looking to separate the Mariachi and Orchestra students by their skill; this way, those who are more advanced can compete, and those who are learning can go at their own pace. This is a great opportunity for those students who are looking for somewhere to begin, as she is looking to create a class specifically for learning the basics such as rhythm, guitar, violin, and other instruments. It is also a great place for those students who are interested in playing without the nerve of attending concerts and competitions.” It would really be beneficial for them to be in a second group, which is what I’m really trying to get,” stated Rabago. Orchestra and Mariachi have many activities throughout the year, such as winter, fall, and spring parties, as well as social gatherings, concerts, competitions, and trips. With the many events throughout the year, Rabago indicated that the class requires a lot of prioritization and a strong desire to play.  

Band is another option for students who are interested in picking up a musical instrument and becoming part of an active group. The band has many events throughout the year, such as performing at games under Friday Night Lights, competitions, pep rallies, and many other activities, making it a great group to grow with and be a part of. “Band has been a great experience because I get to meet new people and work to be the best version of myself,” stated active band member Katelyn Frazier.

The VMHS fine arts department welcomes students who want to try one or more fine arts at a time, such as theater, dance, or other fine arts. The various options in all programs encourage students to take the leap into joining and becoming a part of the family. 


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