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Victor Garcia, Staff writer • May 21, 2024
Seniors celebrate accomplishments
Jordan Estevez, Staff Writer • May 21, 2024

Fashion Or Fad

VMHS students decide on what’s trending and what’s not
Laura Meras
Sergio Balderas. sophomore, Annabelle Martinez, junior and Joshua Allen, sophomore show off their fashion at VMHS

What a person wears can distinguish between original and trend follower. 

Many popular clothing items have been around for decades, whereas many have become increasingly popular on social media such as Instagram or TikTok.

Sergio Balderas, sophomore, Annabelle Martinez, junior, and Joshua Allen, sophomore, strut on the stairs at VMHS.

Doc Martens is a brand of shoes that has been around since the 1960s. The popularity of these shoes has been ongoing since their release, especially in the past year. These classics were voted most popular to remain a fashion trend, along with Converse, Uggs, Air Forces, Birkenstock, Timberlands and Sambas. The shoes voted to stay just a trend were Crocs, Rick Owens, and Superstars.

Students around campus have many different styles and preferences, and with that comes different opinions on fashion. Everyone has one thing in common, though, that they believe fashion is a statement in which everyone can dress uniquely.

Graph depicts the majority vote. Numbers are rounded to the nearest whole number. (Laura Meras) “Fashion has and will always be around, and to me, it’s timeless pieces that help you express yourself,” sophomore Makayla Garcia said.

“It’s a statement; it speaks volumes about who you are as a human being. It also helps you stand out on social and political norms that might not be famous or popular, some things that need to be changed,” explained Benjamin Toney, junior.

In a Google survey, Fashion or Fad, students could submit their different opinions on fashion trends they feel will stay in 2024 and which they feel are just trends that will quickly pass- or fads. There were many different options expressed in the survey, including tops, pants, shoes, and other accessories. No freshman responded to the survey, but 12.5% of the responders were sophomores, 62.5% were juniors and 25% were seniors.

Sergio Balderas (left) and Joshua Allen (right) stroll up the stairs at VMHS (Laura Meras)

As a result, flannel tops, affliction shirts, and oversized hoodies were voted to remain in fashion this year, whereas the fads for tops were matching tracksuits (for example, Juicy Couture sets.) Fashion is not only limited to color but to different varieties of patterns, shapes, and sizes. The difference between bolder patterns and more muted or simple ones can set students apart in a crowd and be seen as a glimpse inside of who they are.

Sergio Balderas, sophomore, Annabelle Martinez, junior and Joshua Allen , sophomore, rest on the stairs at VMHS (Makayla Garcia)

In the pants category, cargo pants were voted to be the most popular fashion-wise, along with flare leggings and mini and maxi skirts. The trends voted for fads consisted of EMPYRE pants, jorts, and camouflage pants.
How someone might dress or accessorize is a reflection of who they are.
Most accessories voted to remain in fashion were tote bags, shoelace strings, or headphone wires as belts, fitted hats, leg warmers, and the infamous ribbons, while fur trap hats and leaving the tags on expensive items and shoes remained fads.

Annabelle Martinez, junior, poses for a picture on the stairs at VMHS (Makayla Garcia)

Senior Alan Martinez expressed his opinion on fashion. “Everyone has their own sense of fashion; I just see fashion as how you put your clothes together.”Fashion is meant to be a way of expressing oneself. In many ways, the way a student dresses can be the only thing they can control, which makes it so much more interesting and diverse to see how one’s fashion choices can represent themselves differently.

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