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  • Jan 23 / Girls BasketballVeterans Memorial High School - 36, Pieper - 55
  • Jan 23 / Boys BasketballVeterans Memorial High School - 47, Pieper - 32
  • Jan 19 / Girls BasketballVeterans Memorial High School - 40, Bourne Champion - 55
  • Jan 19 / Boys BasketballVeterans Memorial High School - 41, Boerne-Champion - 31
  • Jan 16 / Boys BasketballVeterans Memorial High School - 73, Canyon - 51
  • Jan 16 / Girls BasketballVeterans Memorial High School - 46, Canyon - 56
  • Jan 15 / Boys BasketballVeterans Memorial High School - 75, Somerset - 40
  • Jan 15 / Girls BasketballVeterans Memorial High School - 33, Bourne Champion - 68
  • Jan 12 / Girls BasketballVeterans Memorial High School - 28, Canyon - 52
  • Jan 12 / Boys BasketballVeterans Memorial High School - 66, Tivy - 44
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The Patriots Voice

The Patriots Voice

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February 24, 2024
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February 16, 2024
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February 16, 2024
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February 14, 2024

New Year, New me

Patriots share their 2024 new years resolution’s

Students of VHMS have made their New Year resolutions and new goals for the year. Teens are disposing of old habits and creating better ones, such as setting a goal to get better grades, being tidy or developing a new skill, to name a few.
Senior Serenity Carter said her resolution is to pass AP classes and get a three on the exam.
“I want to be more dedicated to work and put more time aside for studying,” Carter said. “But I also have the motivation to go to the gym and quit the habit of procrastination.”
Along with creating new goals comes sticking to them.
Senior David Simon added on to his upcoming goals as well.
“My New Year’s resolution is to focus on important tasks and stay in shape,” Simon stated. “To make my resolutions stick by focusing in my classes, lifting weights and doing small workouts to stay fit.”
Accompanying the New Year with a new regimen, we head over to… `
Mrs. Ryherd, an Attendance clerk, explained, “My goal and resolution is to develop a fitness regimen and it requires establishing a routine and developing a plan that I can stick with.” she also stated, “I believe with the right inspiration, I can achieve these goals” in addition she said, “The bad habits I want to get rid of is being an idol and losing sight of my end goal.”
Most people make new goals for the new year to better themselves as a being. It helps to evolve, change perspective on life, and focus on what matters. Reaching and finding a goal, such as something minor, is also stimulating to the mind as if it were therapeutic. According to, These resolutions can fill us with excitement in anticipation of the possibilities of achieving goals or weigh us down with dread and apprehension of not living up to our expectations.
Resolutions can fail for a myriad of reasons. People often start with the best intentions but realize later that their expectations are unattainable. Sometimes, people’s goals take too long to achieve. People take on changes they perceive as necessary because others are doing something similar, but in the end, it is not realistic for other people, as claimed by
Being realistic and spontaneous can achieve a goal outside someone’s comfort zone. To keep people on track with their main goal is to have a strong mindset and build a healthy character. It’s OK to take time to let go of past experiences from old behavior. It’s OK to grow and develop into something more significant.

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