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Victor Garcia, Staff writer • May 21, 2024
Seniors celebrate accomplishments
Jordan Estevez, Staff Writer • May 21, 2024

Students study the science of sound

Patriots learn how to interpret music

Some might ask what music and media are, but they don’t know where to begin. Music and media are integral parts of our modern world, intertwining to create a vibrant tapestry of expression and communication.

Music, with its diverse genres and emotive power, transcends language barriers to touch hearts and souls. It serves as a universal language that resonates with individuals, fostering connections and evoking emotions. On the other hand, the media acts as a bridge between information and audience and culture narratives across various platforms.

From traditional outlets like print and broadcast to digital mediums such as social media and streaming services, media plays a pivotal role in shaping public discourse, influencing opinions and fostering connections in an interconnected global community. Together, music enhances our lives, offering avenues for creativity exploration and shared experiences that enrich our cultural landscape.

Music and Media is an evolving course that was originally focused on students, how the music they were interested in made them feel, and why we like the music we do. It was later focused on copyright law.

There are many career paths that focus on learning music and media, which students can recognize in advertisements and jingles, such as McDonald’s jingle. The class prepares students for the field of digital technology.

“You don’t have to be a musician to work in the field of music.”
Many producers out there don’t even know how to play an instrument.

Amy Rabago, orchestra and mariachi director and music and media teacher, said, “Most students are not musicians but know what they feel. They like music.”
Music and media teach students about the production of music and shed light on the “behind the scenes” of soundtracks and sound effects in movies, TV shows, animations, cartoons and video games.

“Music should not be limited. Music and media are a reflection of the students and how they portray the music that they enjoy.”

“My goal is that they can put something together and be creative. I don’t give them limitations. I hope they can be upfront and talk to people. It’s essential to allow students to be free whereas giving them guidelines and specifics in what I want to see. Life is not cookie-cutter. They can feel free to explore, create, and have pride in their work. ”

Music and Media is a good program for those who enjoy music and connect well with others. The class also provides students with a step toward communicating with others who share their interests, such as music.


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