Test prep: starring you

    Patriots prepare before STAAR week

    As STAAR testing week approaches, students wonder how to prepare and maintain a positive mindset.

     Here at Veterans, each department that tests for STAAR, which consists of Algebra One and Two, Biology, US History, and English One and Two, continuously learns until testing. Though it may seem overbearing to certain students, the effort and preparation that goes into preparing for the test day are monumental. 

     There are inspirational messages all along the hallways of the Veterans Memorial to remind students about the benefits of having a positive attitude toward preparing for STAAR.

     Other ways Veterans is helping to uplift students is by doing activities during all lunches during this week, such as face painting sponsored by the art club, karaoke sponsored by dance, bowling, making dog toys, dodgeball, cornhole, ping pong and a mobile photo sponsored by yearbook, 

     It takes two to prepare, but students can prepare independently by familiarizing themselves with the test content and identifying areas where they may struggle to practice. According to https://www.cyberwise.org/post/how-to-prepare-your-kid-for-the-staar-test, practice plays a crucial role in preparing students, and regular practice will boost their confidence and enhance their performance. According to https://www.texasassessment.gov/staar-prepare , the best preparation is to spend some time relaxing, getting a good night’s rest, and eating healthy meals. 

     Veterans will host Super Saturday in the cafeteria on Saturday, April 6, to ensure that students are well-versed in STAAR content. Students will not only have the chance to earn four hours for any Parc hours but also to go to STAAR tutoring. Teachers for each testing subject will be there to guide students and teach them in fun ways to get them ready.

    “We plan on having engaging activities for the students and playing games to help with muscle memory,” stated Johnee Whitney, science teacher.

    Teachers will also use different methods to engrave different strategies in students’ minds.

    “We’re becoming familiar with STAAR questions and learning how to answer them using a strategy called dip. Doing that over and over again will help students,” said Andrew Fernandez, an English teacher.

     Staying positive about testing will help a student a lot, and having others uplift them will boost their confidence come test day. The preparation and determination of both students and staff are what make up a successful mindset.


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