Season Of Love

Patriots plan unique dates

For many people, February is the month of love. It is a time to celebrate Valentine’s Day, to celebrate the people we love and care about. On this day, most people take their significant other out on a planned date. However, some people may not know where to take their date. Professional writer Perri Ormount Blumberg believes that Coffee at a bookstore or arcade would be a “fun twist” on the date formula. Veterans Memorial students, on the other hand, have their own ideas.

When asked, “What would be your first ideal date to take your significant other out on,” Senior Jionte Jones stated that he would want to do an “activity” with his significant other. “We can do an activity together, like going on a nature walk; something different would be nice, in my opinion,” Jones said.

Although Jones had a different opinion on an ideal first date, others had different ideas. “I feel like a restaurant would be nice, something like that,” Senior David Simon stated.

Everyone has unique preferences when planning the ideal Valentine’s date. At the same time, some, like senior Jionte Jones, prefer adventurous activities like nature walks, while others, like senior David Siemen, opted for a more traditional approach, with a nice dinner at a restaurant.

Whether it’s a cozy coffee date at a bookstore, an exciting arcade adventure, or a romantic dinner, what truly matters is spending quality time together and celebrating the love and connection shared between partners.


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