Almost Maine claims the fame

The story of love, heartbreak, and many laughs
Aiden Carter and Kaitlyn Ryan perform their scene Sad & Glad during the performance of Almost Maine. VMHS theatre department performed their winter production Nov. 30 through Dec. 2
Aiden Carter and Kaitlyn Ryan perform their scene “Sad & Glad” during the performance of “Almost Maine”. VMHS theatre department performed their winter production Nov. 30 through Dec. 2
Albert Feliciano Otero

When I first arrived at the show I was expecting a run-of-the-mill Christmas play with the usual junk. However, this play was masterful and different in many ways. The play featured nine beautifully mastered scenes full of witty humor, amazing acting and fiery emotions. 

A few scenes I’d like to note include the scene “Her Heart”. A scene where a young lady (Raina Samosorn) is trying to say goodbye to her dead husband by looking at the northern lights, gets interrupted by East (Anthony Arreola) the land owner, and the scene quickly turns into a will-they won’t- they situation with a little dark humor, as well as being relatable when it comes to love, loss, and heartbreak.

Another scene titled “They Fell” is a scene between two best friends talking over some beers in the woods up until Chad (Chara Charter) feeling lonely from being dumped by his girl tells Randy (Warren Castillo) that he has feelings for him. This prompts Randy to freak out making one of the funniest interactions I’ve ever seen in a play.

However, none of those scenes stand up to the funniest scene in the play “This Hurts.” Two strangers Marvalyn (Jeneva Tupper) and Steve (Evan Avery) are both in the basement of their apartment building. While setting up a laundry,

Jeneva Tupper and Evan Avery perform their scene “This Hurts” during the showing of “Almost Maine” presented by the VMHS theatre department. The play opened on Nov. 30 and ran through Dec. 2. (Albert Feliciano Otero)

Marvalyn accidentally hits Steve with an ironing board, staging the best bit of slapstick that made the crowd hysterical for a good 10 seconds. She quickly apologizes and Steve goes on about how he cant feel pain. They both slap each other around a few times and argue, making the funniest scene by far.

This play really exceeded my expectations, the scenes had amazing acting, the characters were greatly written and most importantly they were relatable and hilarious at the same time. Everything about this makes it a fantastic show, and with that being said I have no problem giving ”Almost Main” 5/5 stars. Amazing job VMHS Theatre! 

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